Photo by Chris Humphrey photographer
Photo by Chris Humphrey photographer

Technology has seeped into all areas of life, most evident in our pocket-sized computers known as smartphones. It should come as no surprise, then, that some of the hottest wedding trends would be technology-driven.

When it comes to tech in your ceremony, the sky is the limit. Just about anything a bride and groom can think up is likely possible, and that’s what makes a digitized wedding so intriguing. Technology integration can touch all aspects, from planning to the ceremony, reception and beyond.

1. Go paperless.

The birth of the virtual invite is increasing in popularity because it allows couples to skip the calli-graphy lessons, perfect penmanship and stress of bulky postage, not to mention the hefty paper and postage price tag. Additionally, guests can easily add important dates straight to their online calendars. Websites like Paperless Post ( offer hundreds of styles that are as stunning as traditional invitations.

But for many, the personal touch of handwritten stationary might be too hard to pass up. Couples can still take advantage of digital options with wedding websites like The Knot ( Or, take it a step further and create an app, which can provide easy access to the big day’s itinerary, a map to the venue and other handy features. Appy Couple ( is a popular wedding app service that incorporates clever capabilities like address collection, easy RSVPs and photo sharing.

2. Hashtag your day. 

Once upon a time, a disposable camera would grace each reception table so guests could help capture every precious moment. Now that just about every human has an in-phone camera, there is no longer the need to wait for the film to develop or the ink to dry. Couples can capture important moments with special hashtags on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, along with photo sharing apps. Be sure to keep the party going with a few selfie sticks and charging stations.

For instant gratification, crowdsource the reception and project photos in real time for all to see.

But, advise guests to snap with caution. Many professional photographers recommend couples consider a tech-free, or unplugged, ceremony. All too often, well-meaning guests ruin a pro’s perfect shot with extra flashes and ill-timed distractions. The professionals are well-equipped to capture the vows and the ever-important kiss, so guests can focus on enjoying the moment.

3. Capture every angle. 

Stash a GoPro in the bride’s bouquet for a first-person vantage point of the walk down the aisle. Fly in a drone to get a bird’s eye view of the venue, important guests and other never-before-possible shots. Who knows what hidden special moments might be captured on film? Just be sure your videographer has a handle on all the footage so it can end up in one final cherished wedding video.

4. Robots, robots, robots.

While it might seem a little futuristic, some couples are employing robots to help with their special days. Instead of appointing a person, hire a robot or two to handle duties like live-streaming, officiating and even manning the bar. It’s certainly not for everyone, but robots make quite the conversation piece.

For even more robot technology, a company out of Southern California called Anybots ( rents out specialty robots that can be controlled remotely so important guests attend from afar.

5. Use 3D printers.

Got a specific decor in mind? Look no further than a 3D printer. Couples are using this cutting-edge technology for one-of-a-kind decor, intricate cake decorations, cleverly shaped candy and over-the-top favors.