What current trends do you see in wedding cake design?
Cupcake towers are a trendy, non-traditional cake option. They make a big statement and eliminate the need for a cake cutter. However, they are typically more expensive because each cupcake has to be made individually. In the end, most brides choose a traditional, stacked cake with some color. But be careful with color. Make sure that it is not too dark so that it stains teeth and clothing. And no matter what cake a bride chooses, it should complement the style of the wedding.

What decisions should a bride make before she meets with a baker?
First, a bride and groom should determine their budget, then the type of cake they want and their favorite flavors. The wedding is not the time to experiment with new flavors. They should choose a flavor they know that they like. Be careful about choosing anything with nuts. No bride wants her guests having allergy attacks. Safety is always the smart way to go. Sample cake flavors from a baker, and research cake icing options, such as rolled fondant, sugar paste and buttercream icing.

How early should a bride choose a baker?
Deciding on a wedding cake should be one of the first things a bride does, after picking a church and a dress. The more intricate a cake that a bride wants, the earlier she should pick her baker.

What is the biggest cake mistake you have seen brides commit?
Not making sure their baker is qualified. Brides should look at actual cakes the baker has made, not just pictures. Brides need to know that the baker is experienced, knowledgeable and reliable. There are a lot of copycat bakers who steal pictures of cakes and claim the cakes as their own creations. Make sure the baker is authentic.


Providing the perfect icing for your wedding cake is all about knowing your choices.

Buttercream icing is one of the most popular icings for cakes. Its texture is soft and smooth, as it is generally comprised of simply butter and sugar. What comes to mind when most people think of icing is, actually, buttercream icing. It is malleable and easy to spread, making it a popular choice for wedding cakes.

Fondant icing ives a cake an elegant appearance and is popular for wedding cakes. Fondant icing is simply sugar and water with either glucose or cream of tartar used to produce the proper crystallization to give it a smooth look. Fondant icing is not always the tastiest icing, however, so be aware before settling on this topping.

Whipped cream icing is simply powdered sugar, whipped cream and any additional flavorings or color. Cakes with whipped cream frosting must be refrigerated, so keep in mind the timing of cake service during a reception before settling on whipped cream frosting.

Ganache is simply melted chocolate and cream. It makes a shiny glaze that can be poured over cakes and other small pastries. Because it is pourable, it can be a bit messier than other icing options.